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By Christine E Ridgway

Scott and Mitch are two brothers working on their father’s quail ranch in the frontier town of Redcliff, Arizona Territory. After the ranch is ransacked in the dead of night by a trio of reptilian outlaws, Mitch is left for dead and Scott is taken prisoner. Scott is taken deep into the Sonoran Desert to be forced into slavery in the canyon mines. But villainous plans go awry when a rebellious desert rodent gets tangled up in the whole mess. Now this unlikely duo must band together to try to escape the clutches of a vicious Gila Monster and his outlaw posse, or else face a fate worse than death.

Even if Scott manages to escape, will the young green horn manage to find his way home through the vast, dangerous desert? Is there even a home left to return to…?

Set with an all animal cast in the rugged summer of 1877, readers will explore a western world from the eyes of mice and lizards as they struggle to survive in the hostile southwest desert, where danger lurks behind (and under) every rock and prickly pear.  

Skytown Cover Final Draft front cover sp
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